Do You Need Water Safety Signs?

Ahhhh the dangers of water. Beware!

There are some things that every homeowner should have. You should have insurance and you should also have annual inspections on your heating and cooling systems. The list goes on and on.

Did you also know that if you have any type of water on your property that you should have water safety signs?

These are not only to keep your family safe, it is also to keep others safe. If you have followed all the rules and have all the right signs, you may not be liable if someone gets hurt. Don’t count on it though – find out about your local laws before you feel safe.

If you have creeks, rivers, ponds, or lakes on your property, you want to have water safety signs of all types. You should post warnings that indicate that there is no trespassing or that there are no safety measures in place on any natural bodies of water. You may not always be able to stop someone from trespassing on your land and diving into your lake, but you can post signs to show that someone had been warned not only about water dangers, but also that they were trespassing on your land when they jumped in.

You should have water safety signs near any swimming pool in your yard or anywhere on your property near your home. Children can drown in very little water, so you should treat any size pool as if it were a big pool. Most communities have rules about pool gates and fencing, and you should also have signs that warn of possible danger in the water and that no one is to be in the pool without the supervision of an adult or without the permission of the pool owner. You can also have trespassing signs and call the authorities if someone is in your pool. That may protect you if someone gets hurt.

Water Safety Starts At Home

Water safety signs are not just about warning strangers away from your water on your land. They are also friendly signs that you should have up to remind your children and anyone else you invite into your pool about the rules that you have in place to stay safe while swimming or fishing in any body of water or in your swimming pool. These are signs that may stay how deep the water is, if diving is allowed, and any other things that you feel are necessary.

You can also find water safety signs that are a little on the funny side. They can add some personality and humor to your swimming area.

The point is to remind everyone that you are watching and that you do expect everyone to be safe and also clean.

These can be purchased or you can make them on your own. Just remember that any signs near water or that are subject to rain or nature can wear down. Get these signs in quality materials that are going to withstand water and stay where you need them to be and check on them often to be sure they stay put.