Greens First Female Menopause for Safe and Effective Relief

Women who are going through menopause, the “change of life”, often had no idea how miserable this experience could be, until it was upon them.
You may change from a perfectly rational, cheerful and upbeat person into an irrational, anxious, nervous bundle of nerves.

This bad movie may not end here. Along with heart palpitations, serving only to increase your anxiety and nervous condition, irritability and
headaches enter the picture. Perhaps the worst of all is the episodes of profuse perspiration associated with the infamous hot flashes. You may
become depressed (ya think?). Although not every woman experiences all of these symptoms, just a few are enough to drive you crazy.

Now that we know that hormone replacement therapy is not a good idea, what do you do? Fortunately, there are a number of natural remedies for menopause,
which provide safe and effective relief from these less than enchanting symptoms.

Increase breast size with breast actives and some exercise?

Just like exercising and taking protein supplements to gain muscles, you can also exercise and use bust serums to increase breast size naturally without surgery.

These are some breast enlargement exercises that have proven to work well like

Pectoral push-ups

This helps in toning the tissues of the breasts, these are just like regular push-ups only that you make use of your pectoral muscles rather than your forearm and bicep muscles

1. Lie face down on the floor, bend knees and cross ankles while Placing hands slightly in front of shoulders and bend elbows

2. Strengthen arms and lift body to balance on both palms and knees plus keep body aligned from knees to the top of head

3. Tuck face toward the floor to get a straight spine and after that bend both elbows in order to bring body parallel to floor and push-up again

4. Avoid allowing your chest to touch the floor

Pectoral Press

1. Hold a five pound weight in each hands and stand with knees bent slightly while your feet should be a shoulder width apart and back should be straight

2. Elbows should be bent out to the side in right angles to the body and slowly press forearms, elbows, and hands together

3. Most importantly do this exercise in front of the chest and institute movement from pectoral muscles and press arms slowly back to starting point

4. Execute this exercise in three sets of twelve

Side Swerves

This helps to tone up the underarm structure and the sides of the breasts

1. Sit upright on a chair and place arms in the hips while keeping your spine straight as much as you can and turn leftwards as possible

2. Hold yourself at the far left for some seconds and then reverse your position again to the far right

The Kneeling Dip

This is a proven technique to develop the frontal organs, especially the area where the nipples and the areolas occupy

1. Kneel on the floor with your knees suitably apart and lower yourself up to an extent that the head comes in between the thighs comfortably

2. The effect should be felt on the breasts


This helps develop the breasts, massaging and applying serum both stimulates and expands the tissues in the breast, so therefore it enhances and increase bust size with breast actives in reasonable time. You can get your partner to do it if you feel comfortable with that

1. Move hands over the breast in circular motions, one clockwise and the other counter-clockwise so that the hands are going in opposite directions outwards from the body.

Some Benefits of Dry Sauna Therapy

    1. The Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna is a suitable option for people that do not support conventional saunas. They use special infrared heaters to produce radiation in the infrared range of the spectrum or the far infrared range, heating the body directly. They are known to produce more sweat, burn calories faster and detoxify the body better.

    1. Dry sauna sessions have been shown to help with sleeping disorders

We all have periods that we find sleeping difficult. Sometimes it might be for reasons that we know, other times it might be in the subconscious. A few rounds of sauna sessions can relax the body and the mind, and make it easy to fall asleep.

Saving Space With a Portable Home Sauna

As dry sauna accessories become increasingly necessary and popular, more and more people are opting to use it from the comfort of their homes. However many city dwellers have the problem of not having much of a backyard to install their sauna outdoors. Portable saunas are the best options in this case. They are often prefabricated, and can take a small space at home just like a standard cupboard.

Major differences between infrared saunas traditional saunas

There are major differences between infrared saunas and traditional saunas. While infrared saunas use a heating element or from metallic heaters to heat the person using it directly, traditional saunas heat the air surrounding the person using the sauna. Sometimes this causes a little discomfort as some people find it difficult to breather in the hot air.

Can you reverse your aging clock?

I’m going to describe what aging is in practical terms, so as to demystify it for you. By doing so I plan to show you that the popular presumption that aging is a phenomenon unlike all other health conditions, somehow beyond even the theoretical reach of medical technology, cannot be reconciled with established fact.

Thus, by the end of this chapter I aim to have placed you in the awkward position of still wanting to believe (for your own peace of mind) that aging is immutable and thus not worth worrying about, but no longer actually being able to believe that. Here’s how Pure Epitalon can help you learn how to reverse aging with telomerase activation…

From that point on, my task will be the relatively easy one of explaining why our chances of defeating aging in the foreseeable future are not just non-zero, but high enough to justify my having broken your pro-aging trance in the first place. Justify, because once your pro-aging trance is no more, you—yes, you—can make a difference to how soon aging is defeated, and the fulfilment you will derive from that effort will far outweigh any comfort you may have found in your previous certainty that aging can never be combated.

It used to be the case that people died of aging, but, if you believe what’s written on death certificates, these days they rarely do. The phrase “natural causes” was the accepted term for the cause of death when it occurred at an advanced age and in the absence of clearly defined pathology. These days, however, that’s considered inadequately informative, and coroners or their equivalent are encouraged to enter something more specific.

We all know, however, that quite a few people do indeed die in that way—not from a heart attack, not from pneumonia or influenza, not from cancer, not even from a stroke, but just peacefully, often in their sleep, because their heart simply stops. These relatively lucky people indisputably die of aging.

Comments from constipation sufferers

Need constipation relief? I have found a constipation cure! My “pipes” had been backed up for about 7 days and I was in desperate need of a large BM. I warmed two cups of water and drank it before breakfast. I was able to release my bowels without a problem.

The warm water is readily absorbed by the intestines after a long time of sluggishness loosens up the poop inside and let’s it slide right out. If two cups doesn’t work try two more after 15 minutes. When I need a little more sweeping out four does the
trick within an hour. Constipation relief.

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I will make comments about my constipation relief in my own thread below. Hopefully you will find them as helpful as I did.
Squatting: squatting on the toilet opens up the rectum and lets the poop slide out easily without much pushing or strain. I tried squatting and it allowed the poop to come out more easily. Naturally the body was made to expel poop in this position. If squatting isn’t practical use a stool to raise your knees above your waist in a simulated squat position. This works for me too and cuts pooping time to less than a minute.

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