California Divorce Record Public Portal Online

You might not get an answer when you ask the statistics of California Divorce Records Online Free. Truth is this state does not tabulate annulment occurrences that happen in the area. Nevertheless, with over 36 million inhabitants and the biggest state so far in terms of populace, files of these happenings are still being stored as directed by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The assigned agency for this concern is the Office of Vital Records under California Department of Public Health.

To date, this office serves as the central database for both marriages and separations in the locality. However, it can only grant Certificates of Record of Divorce not to mention only beginning 1962 until June 1984. Usually, such document consists of the names of the parties, the county where the annulment was recorded and the court case number. Bear in mind that such file is not the same as the certified copy of the original separation decree.

In addition, it does not specify whether the annulment was ever settled in court. The only place to get certified copies of actual split-up decrees is from the Superior Court in the county where it was reported or the appropriate Office of Recorder. Often, the processing time for a certificate of separation in the Office of Vital Records can take up to 6 months or longer. Through mail, the cost required for such application is $13 and $7 for fax.

To avail a certified duplicate, a sworn statement must be completed. This will be adjoined to the request form with your signature. Keep in mind to have it notarized otherwise the application might be rejected and fees paid will not be refunded. Moreover, this particular request could take 15 to 20 weeks to finish mainly because of scarcity of office workers. In order to pursue such claim, contact the Superior Court office directly.

In this State, authorized copies of vital documents are only accessible to the persons named on the file, their official delegates and particular individuals as dictated by state law. Also, important details to be supplied upon requesting are the present names of husband and wife, birth names of both parties, county of break-up, and date or years to be looked into if date is unknown. However, to get a speedier exploration, go for an online procedure.

More often than not, a private online data provider gathers information on California Divorce Records from official sites of all states, thus, saves you considerable amount of time. So far, there are for free and cost-based commercial account retrieval services that abound online. You have an option of picking the no-cost service however for hassle-free, accurate, comprehensive and immediate response, trust only the paid ones. For a small fee, you get reputable data in no time.

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