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Titles Can Be Secret Weapons
article by Mick Liebner

UTILIZING KEYWORDS properly in TITLES can help get you top 10 listings pretty darn easily if you use them fully to your advantage. Match LINK TEXT with pages that have the same words in their TITLES and you'll score big, especially with Google! In fact it's kinda like magic!

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Since many of us have more than a couple web sites in our portfolios, we often have the special abilty to take advantage of simple SEO tactics with TITLES and TEXT LINKS that can really make a big impact on more people seeing our web pages.


Domain names that have keywords in them are much more likely to have those precious keywords in the TITLE TAGS of many of it's pages. Furthermore like it or not, when people link to our sites they often link to the domain name words and not necesarily the keywords we are targetting.


So if for example you are targeting your home page for the phrase FREE ONLINE ADVERTISING and the site domain name is, other folks are very likely to link to it as READ ABOUT IT NOW instead of the words you want. Or worse yet as


Every time a site home page is linked to words other than the keywords you are targeting the effectiveness is dilluted. A couple of times may be OK, but more than a few will alter the reputation of the page.


So why not make it easy for the world to link to you and pick a domain name with keywords in it??? If possible keywords that will be on many pages and combinations throughout that site.


Now, having GOOD KEYWORDS in your domain name has other benefits.


Ever wonder why adsense is often serving shitty ads that relate to your site domain name and NOT the page's keywords? Because Adsense has determined your primary site theme is about READ or ABOUT or NOW or whatever words are in your domain name. Those are the words that will guide Adsense bot when it first starts guessing what ads will work best on your pages.


How does that relate to TITLES?


A TITLE TAG is a secret weapon and has a huge impact in a large number of ways.


Sites with any domain name can be a top ranking site for a query BUT sites with KEYWORD LOADED domain names have advantages in several ways.

One of the reasons a site with a domain name that has KEYWORDS in it such as has a great potential to clean up on searches with funny or monkey or jokes in the query is because a site with that name SHOULD have lots of pages indexed with FUNNY and/or MONKEY and/or JOKES in the TITLE.


KEYWORD MATCHING links and content with LINKING PAGE TITLES is like magic. And from my experience not too many webmasters are doing it.


If you have a web page that is about FUNNY or MONKEY or JOKES and you have a link from a page indexed on Google that has FUNNY or MONKEY or JOKES in it's TITLE then you will likely strike gold and that page will easily rise to the top of any seraches with those 3 words in the search query.


That is because the linking site has established it's theme with Google as being about those words. And if the words are in the domain name there is a good likelyhood that Google will have indexed many pages on that site and therefor consider the site an authority on those words.


So when you have a link from the authority to a page on your site that has those words it's like magic.


So what I try to do is whenever i do linking, I try to link to sites about FUNNY MONKEY JOKES on similar sites preferably ones that have those keywods in the domain names and titles.


Now that doesn't work as well if those sites do not use the domain name in the TITLES.


So, if I have a choice of getting a generic name versus getting a name with keywords I usally opt for the one with keywords in the name so I can take advantage of the natural tendency to include the site domain name in the links etc.


If you haven't been interlinking your sites utilizing similar themed domains in your portfolio, you may want to start doing that. It can have a profound impact on how your pages will rank on Google.

Mick Liebner lives in pleasant Newport Beach, California with his Jack Russell Terrier Milo who makes sure he doesn't spend too much time in front of the computer. Among Mick's recent projects are the sites and which are both looking for quality linking partners such as yourself!

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