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Linking Outside The Box
Non-Reciprocal Link Exchange Strategies

by Mike Liebner

Don't like to reciprocate? Well who can blame you! Maybe your significant other would not agree, but when it comes to search engine optimization, non-reciprocal links are a powerful way to get a big boost for your web sites pages in the search engine results.

Think about it... How many times have you heard about how important it is to get your site listed in the Yahoo Directory or the Open Directory Project ( Almost every search engine guru advises to get listed in those two directories. And guess what... After your link is accepted you have a high quality NON-RECIPROCAL LINK!

We all could use a few more of those, right?

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So it's a SMART IDEA to seek non-reciprocal links.... Hmmm... the brain starts pondering... Yes, there are many other highly ranked search engines and directories that will give you non-reciprocal links (Google is one for example).

But wait - there's more at our disposal than simply seeking directories and search engines to submit our web sites to... How about finding other webmasters with similarly themed web sites to trade NON-RECIPROCAL LINKS with? Is that possible? Isn't that an OXYMORON?

Not so Joe...

If you have more than one web site you can easily exchange NON RECIPROCAL LINKS as in the OPEN TRIANGLE diagram ABOVE or the BOX HUB diagram BELOW...

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So, since we established it is good for search engines to see we have quality one way non-reciprocal links, why not employ a strategy to trade non reciprocal links with other webmasters that have more than 1 web site...

I call this Linking Outside the Box.

As you see in the diagram above, if you have 2 web sites of a similar theme, you can accomplish non-reciprocal links by simply linking in one direction.

Example: Jim has two web sites and hooks up with Bob. Jim tells Bob that cats are better than dogs and Bob gets angry and starts insulting Jim.

Despite their differences Jim and Bob agree their pet web sites can benefit enormously if they trade NON-RECIPROCAL LINKS.

Jim puts a link on his web site to Bob's web site. Since Bob does not want a reciprocal link, he links to Jim's 2nd web site Now to return the favor Jim links to Bob's other pet site (because Jim hates dogs AND he wants better search engine rankings!)

Since Bob wants a 2nd link too he links to Jim's dog site and they are both very happy with 2 non-reciprocal links from related themed web sites.

So now when a top search engine comes along and sends it's robots looking for links both webmsaters each have 2 valuable one way non-reciprocal links to a sililarly themed pet web site.

The search engine rewards the two webmasters for having 2 high quality relevant links by ranking their sites well and they are all happy.

Before long Jim and Bob are back in the forums arguing about cats and dogs.

Do you have more than 1 web site? Of course, all it takes is one webmaster with 2 domains to accomplish the NON RECIP trade (as in the OPEN TRIANGLE diagram at the top). Both webmasters get a NON RECIP link.

So until we uncover another hot strategy why not go out and find someone to trade with... but non-reciprocallly!

Want more info on non-reciprocal links?

Mick Liebner lives with his Jack Russell Terrier Milo in sunny Sherman Oaks, California and is constantly writing articles on webmaster tools and resources as well as working on ways to make his numerous web sites better. Among his current projects are and

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