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Link Popularity and Successful Online Marketing
by Mick Liebner, Creative Power

In order for you to be successful in online marketing you need to have web sites that are visited by as many people as possible. Ideally those people are targeted and interested in your web site's themes. Your online success is in direct relation to the number of unique visitors that see your web pages. It's pure arithmetic and the income you make is in direct relation to how much targeted traffic you can grab. The more warm bodies the better! The more targeted the better!

Back when I first started in 1995 I was often able to get #1 rankings on important one word keywords in the search engines which resulted in some individual pages being seen by as many as 75,000 unique visitors a day, (depending on the keyword of course). That's right 75,000 unique visitors a day. Boy, those were the good old days! (My server cost me $3,500. a month back then!). ALL I had to do was figure out how to build pages with content the search engines liked. In the earliest days it was by word repetition. Later it was figuring out the proper keyword density.

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As time moved on and other savvy webmasters began to catch on to what I was secretly pulling off in the early days of the net, as well as the search engines catching on, my number of top 10 rankings for important one word keywords declined, and the average number of visitors to my pages dropped. Competition made it harder to consistently get the top rankings. Especially on competitive search terms. And as the net matured the strategy changed.

So back to the math thing... the arithmetic... the formula that determines how much money you can make with a web site, or network of web sites (I prefer to think big!).

If 60,000 unique visitors see your web pages each month (that's 2,000 a day by the way), and .25% (a quarter of a percent is a reasonable response rate) of those visitors whip out their wallets and give you an average ticket sale of $20.00 net, you will be bringing in 150 sales totaling $3,000. each month.

Not every webmaster has the luxury of having a legacy web site that brings in mondo traffic. And many webmasters are moving into new site themes and exploring new niches. So we are all on common ground in that we have projects that we need to get up and running and most importantly get loads of eyeballs to see our wonderful web sites.

Aside from working on ways to get the percentage of sales up, which deserves it's own article, our mission is to grab as many visitors as possible and get them to see your web pages. How do you increase the number of visitors? How do we get people to our web sites without spending money on advertising or spamming them with unsolicited email?

Let's distill this complex process down to its very core by looking at what should be our highest priorities.

The best ways to quickly increase the number of visitors that make it to your web sites are:

1. Achieve Top Rankings on many important keywords and phrases on Google and other search engines.
2. Get more traffic from other web sites by having our keyword rich TEXT links on their web pages.

We'll get instant traffic by having our web site's links on other popular web sites (if people can see the links!)

OK, so I can exchange a few links with other webmasters you are saying but how to get those #1 rankings???

The best way to get to #1 Top Search Engine Rankings is to accomplish #2. Get MANY Text Links on Popular Web Sites.

Top Search Engine Rankings and Text Links on Popular Web Sites work hand in hand to get you mondo traffic by building what is referred to as LINK POPULARITY. Think of it as LINK CREDIBILITY.

And from now on let's just refer to the search engines as Google as it is the primary search engine that really counts. Yahoo just got back into the game but the verdict is still out on how they are ranking pages. All other search engines are far behind in importance to Google and Yahoo. Google does a good job at presenting relevant search results and the public has noticed. Therefor Google is currently the crowned king of search engines.

In order to be considered important by Google we need to establish credibility by getting our web pages linked on other web sites, preferably web sites who are already considered important by Google (high PageRank tm). That credibility combined with web pages that contain the exact content that is being searched for results in top rankings for keywords and phrases.

Link Popularity is also a mathematical formula. The more high quality web sites that link to us the higher our Link Popularity and henceforth the more likely our web site will be closer to the top of the search results on Google.

Think about it from Google's perspective. They want to present their visitors with the web pages they are really looking for. If Google gives them a list of crappy web sites the surfer will look elsewhere.

So when Betty Joe Harper-Collins searches on Google for pork recipes she will be presented with 10 web sites plus a few paid ads (hmmm no paid ads), that will make her happy.

Pork Recipes - Google Search

In this case Google serves up as #1 from the 45,300 results stored on their server (search in quotes).
#2 is

Hmmm... pork recipes looks like it may be a good niche to go after... I can see it now - Mick's Pork Recipe Ebook How To Make the Other White Meat taste like Chicken, or 101 Ways To Cook Pork, but that's something to be discussed in a separate article on niche strategies.

So without getting into too much detail you can bet that has it's share of QUALITY LINKS on other QUALITY SITES and more importantly KEYWORD LOADED TEXT LINKS on other web sites that have something to do with pork, or food or something Google considers a related theme. It doesn't hurt that pork recipe is in the domain name... but look at #2 pork is not in the domain name.

In summary, the more links we have on similarly themed web sites, the more credibility you enjoy with Google. Increased LINK POPULARITY is the result and our pages will be crawled more often by Google's spiders and served up more often in their results. That translates into more traffic.

It's pretty evident that getting our web sites linked on other web sites will bring us more traffic. I've come up with many automated and easy ways to get more links to our sites which I present on my web site and will discuss in future articles.

Mick Liebner lives with his Jack Russell Terrier Milo in sunny Sherman Oaks, California and is constantly writing articles on webmaster tools and resources as well as working on ways to make his numerous web sites better. Among his web sites are,, and

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